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Our Practice


Valle Verde Medical group (VVMG) is  a team of board-certified physicians with over 35 years of cumulative experience in practice.  The team provides extensive quality care to adults and children of  Monterey County and the surrounding communities. Valle Verde Medical Group is led by Dr. Eloy Romero and focuses on providing personalized care focused on your individual health needs. Dr. Romero and the entire team of VVMG are  passionate about fostering meaningful relationships with

patients by spending quality time with them and by being advocates for all aspects of their physical, cultural, financial, social, and mental well-being.

As part of Valle Verde Medical Group commitment to providing you with the best healthcare possible, our doctors are also on the hospital staff of Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital and Natividad Medical Center.  On many occasions our own doctors will be able to provide care for you in the hospital when you are facing critical illness or delivering your baby. When you leave the hospital, they will focus on making sure you have a  smooth transition home and back to our office. 

Our Mission
  • To empower our patients with the knowledge and resources to live their healthiest lives.

  • To provide the highest quality patient- centered, evidence-based, affordable care to our patients.

  • To respect the patient’s and their family’s values and provide culturally sensitive care

  • To promote social justice in healthcare


Our Vision:
  • To be the premier patient-centered, culturally sensitive, comprehensive, community-focused family medicine practice in Monterey County.

Our Providers
Eloy Romero, M.D.

Dr. Romero received his Bachelor of Arts degree in molecular and cell biology and public health from University  of California  at Berkeley, California. He earned his Doctor of Medicine Degree at  the UC San Francisco.   He continued to complete his Family Medicine and Obstetrics  at Natividad Medical Center where he received several awards in community medicine and Resident Teacher of the Year.  He followed his post residency training with a fellowship through UCLA Harbor Medicine Transforming Primary Care Fellowship.

Dr. Romero is board certified with the American Board of Family Medicine. He practices full- spectrum outpatient family medicine including obstetrics and is an adult medicine hospitalist at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital.  Dr. Romero is proud to serve on the board of directors of the Monterey County Medical Association.  He is also proud to serve as a board member for the  Northern California Affordable Care Organization.

Dr. Romero is  a native Spanish speaker.  He spends ample time customizing treatment plans and utilizes evidence-based diagnostic testing and treatment methods. He understands the importance of not only treating the person’s illness, but also the person in regards to  their social, environmental, and cultural context.  He strives to promote wellness in the individual,  beyond the absence of disease.

In his free time, Dr. Romero enjoys spending time dancing, hiking, beach lounging and lazy Sundays with his family.

Francisca Bobb, FNP-BC.

Francisca's bio coming soon 

Garcia Vivian_edited.jpg
Vivian L. Garcia, M.D.

Dr. Garcia received her dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Human Biology and Comparative Literature with three languages from Brown University in Rhode Island. She earned her Doctor of Medicine degree from the Warren Alpert School of Brown University in Rhode Island. She completed her Family Medicine residency training at Natividad Medical Center where she received several awards including the Hannon, Lauderdale, Rumbel, and Santell Memorial Award for excellence in patient care, leadership, scholarship, and teaching, as well as being recognized as Chief Scheduler for the residency class. She is currently completing a fellowship year at Natividad Medical Center for surgical Obstetrics. She is also in the process of completing her Master’s in Public Health focusing on Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences from San Diego State University. 


Dr. Garcia is board certified with the American Board of Family Medicine. She practices full-spectrum outpatient family medicine including obstetrics at Valle Verde Medical Group and performs surgical Obstetrics at Natividad Medical Center. 


Dr. Garcia was born and raised in Southern California. Her parents were both born in Mexico, and she is a fluent Spanish speaker. She enjoys interacting with her patients and providing them with the best current evidence-based medicine recommendations. 


In her free time, Dr. Garcia enjoys hiking, especially at Toro Park, Fort Ord, and Garland Ranch. She enjoys going out to eat with friends, and especially enjoys staying at home and watching movies. 

Sergio E. Rodriguez, MMS, PA-C

Sergio was born in Mexico and raised in the Salinas Valley since he was an infant. He recalls his formative years filled with cherished memories of family gatherings and happy times spent with friends at weddings, camping trips, and quinceañeras. 


Sergio seeks a fairer understanding of population wellness through his combined professionalism, academic pursuits, and bicultural background. He trained as a Physician Assistant at Stanford University’s Primary Care Associate Program, also earning a Masters in Medical Science from Saint Francis University.


During the 2020 Covid year Sergio gained deeper experience in primary health care while practicing at various medical clinics. His keen eye for recognizing acute illnesses developed after spending four and-a-half years at Natividad’s emergency room.


Sergio’s favorite pastimes are traveling to Mexico, writing his memoirs in story-form, tending to his family’s Organic Farm activities, listening to his favorite podcasts, and reading mystery novels.


He welcomes you to Valle Verde Medical Group

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